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Work Resumes on the Clemenses’ Best Guest Room

Restoration work has begun on the first-floor guest suite‚ known as the Mahogany Room‚ in the Mark Twain House. This was the principal guest room for the Clemens household‚ where friends such as Clemens’ editor‚ William Dean Howells‚ and Grace King‚ a writer famed for her Louisiana stories‚ would stay when they came to visit.

But the room also played an important role in the family life of the household. During the Christmas season‚ Livy would use it to “do up” her baskets for the poor. The Clemens daughters also used it as a ”green room” for storing costumes and props for their amateur theatrical presentations.

All furnishings and other museum objects have been moved out of the mahogany bedroom‚ dressing room and bath to prepare for the restoration. The elements of a prior restoration--reproduction wallpaper in the bedroom‚ painted vinyl canvas in the bathroom and painted canvas in the dressing room‚ as well as post-Clemens era flooring--has also been removed.

To get ready for the new restoration‚ specialists have performed a series of tests on the space‚ including paint and finish analyses on the walls and ceilings to try to determine the original color scheme for the rooms‚ and analysis of several carpet fibers that were found beneath the post-Clemens flooring.

Currently‚ we have contracted with a historic preservations consultant to synthesize all the past research that has been performed and augment it with additional investigation to clear up any inconsistencies. We will then receive a report‚ complete with findings and recommendations‚ which will detail the scope of work to be implemented over the next several months.

Donations to the Mahogany Room restoration are most welcome.


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