Current Exhibits

Opened in 2003, the 45,000-square-foot Webster Bank Museum Center at The Mark Twain House & Museum offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about Mark Twain, his family, the historic house, and the author's legacy. This state-of-the-art facility houses our ticket desk; the Aetna Gallery with a permanent exhibition on Twain's life and work; a rotating exhibition hall; The Hartford Financial Services Theatre showing a Ken Burns mini-documentary on Mark Twain; classroom space; the lecture hall-style Lincoln Financial Auditorium; The Mark Twain Store; The Nook Café; and the majestic Hal Holbrook Hall.

In addition, the Museum Center houses our research library, which is open by appointment only. Featuring walls etched with some of his most famous quotations, this LEED-certified green museum is a treasure-filled way to begin and end your visit to The Mark Twain House.

Two New Exhibitions Opening March 23, 2017

TWAIN'S TEMPER: Top Ten Tantrums & Righteous Rages


mark twain in hat

From the telephone to Yankee imperialism in the Philippines, this exhibition will explore what made Mark Twain mad. Dive into his eloquent, humane thunderings against injustice and his quirkier dislikes and irritations. Books, political cartoons, letters, and illustrations, arranged in imaginative and compelling ways, will be the components of this light-and-serious read-fest.

RENEWING THE ROYAL CHAMBER: The Clemenses' Mahogany Suite Reborn

mahogany suite

This exhibition coincides with the opening of the newly restored Mahogany Suite, opening to the public on December 4 as part of the Holiday House Tour festivities. The Clemenses' best guest suite was made up of a bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom with every modern convenience. W.D. Howells called it a "royal chamber," and Grace King compared it to the castle in "Beauty and the Beast." It was a Green Room for the family theatricals and a gift-wrapping station for Livy's charitable work. The restoration, made possible by the 2014 state bonding grant, involved a fascinating bout of detective work and a hunt for authentic fixtures and decor, ranging from a final decision on whether the bathtub had a shower, to what year Candace Wheeler produced her honeycomb wallpaper. An extraordinary, research-driven architectural firm and some legendary craftspeople have aided in this effort.









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Twain Store

Twain's books, funny quote t-shirts, Victorian-era gifts, Twain House and Hartford souvenirs, writer's journals and other tools. The Twain Store has something for everyone.

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There is always a good reason to visit the Mark Twain House. With unique events for Twain fans of every age, keep checking back for updates.

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